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Why joyful work?

Hello. I'm Tom Morin. I write and speak about building a joyful working life because improving satisfaction with work contributes to our wellbeing. Because satisfied and thriving workers create thriving organizations. And because thriving organizations can make the world a better place. Let's connect and create a better world of work for ourselves and future generations.


The beginning

I was nearly killed twice at work. As a soldier, I was shelled in the former-Yugoslavia. As a roughneck on a drilling rig, I just missed being chopped in half. Each time I came close to death, I changed my working life. Then, while mountaineering in Peru, I experienced high-altitude cerebral edema. After that near-death experience, I finally began my journey toward a joyful working life.

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Work Feels Good vision

My once-dissatisfying, always challenging and sometimes dangerous journey through the world of work inspired my personal vision: a world where everyone has the knowledge, skills and desire to build their own, joyful working life and create thriving organizations. I created (WFG) to help me accomplish that mission.